The first global ruling class institutional summit meetings post-9/11 were rescheduled to Ottawa from Washington DC and India, roughly two months after the 9/11 attacks. The G20, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank met here November 16th-18th (‘N16-18’).


The meetings were in the context of what had been a swelling global justice movement, that had a major success with the Battle of Seattle in November 1999 that shut down the World Trade Organization meetings. In Canada there had been the April 2001 Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) summit in Quebec City, where the state put up a massive fence, walling off 34 blocks of the city against some 35,000-50,000 protestors, and going very heavy on the repression outside the fence.

But post-9/11, the security state was starting to be even more heavily imposed on the basis of the ‘terror threat,’ and especially in the immediate aftermath, there was a major dampening on many forms of dissent (the major convergence planned for the streets of Washington at the end of September, to opposed the planned IMF/World Bank meetings, had been called off by the main protest organizers). This led to a smaller but inspired resistance movement converging on Ottawa, to fight back against global capitalist rule as well as the further criminalization of its opposition, and against war (the invasion of Afghanistan had just started).

The archive here is mostly via The Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine, and based on content from Indymedia – the Independent Media Center (IMC) – a global activist open-publishing network that had launched at the Seattle protests and by November 2001, two years later, grown to something like  150 or more autonomous ‘locals’ or regional websites. The Ontario IMC website hosted the coverage of these protests; soon after, an Ottawa IMC would be started.

A local independent journalist was questioned and had his house searched by police after hosting an Indymedia meeting there, in advance of the protests. Another journalist volunteering with Indymedia was arrested during the protests, one of some 50 arrests over the weekend.

Those stories along with many more, are included in the day-by-day recap archived at this link.

That recap doesn’t include all coverage posted – for that, ________________________.

An adhoc recording of some of the Indymedia special radio broadcast over local airwaves on local campus/community radio station CHUO 89.1FM, that was hosted by Nevine Sedki (______) and featured guests ______ , is available as a (length) mp3 file, and embedded here

Six print editions were published: three in the lead-up to the protests, and three during the protests (one covering each of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). I was the producer and main editor, but the content was gathered from the posts being published on the IMC website. Blind Spot was the name of the bi-monthly community paper we were publishing in Kitchener-Waterloo; Raw News was the name we gave to ‘special event’ types of publication – these existed alongside a number of other print publications

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