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This is a crowd-sourced directory,
please add anything you know of that isn’t already listed.

The following text introduces, explains, and provides instruction on how to use, the database.
The two tables of listings (as linked above) are then embedded at the bottom of this post.


This is database of organizations, campaigns, calls to action, collective statements and demands, media outlets, and other listings, responding to the urgent pandemic crisis in Ontario.

It is for both collective advocacy efforts, as well as supports offered to individuals – all with the purpose of connecting people to get involved, take action, support, and find support.

Ontario’s current crisis is political and it is up to people’s efforts to do what’s needed.

Hopefully it is apparent, the value and potential of a directory with dozens of cross-sector listings from across the province, all in one place – especially with upcoming April 28th Workers Day of Mourning and May 1st May Day coordinated actions.


The two ways to support the effectiveness of this directory are:

  • Add listings of any and all initiatives you know of, that aren’t already listed
    (i.e. crowd-sourcing works when people contribute)
  • Word-of-mouth sharing this directory: by social media, and methods like email for broader reach.
    * Especially ensure that relevant organizations and media outlets know about this directory.
    Remember – and communicate – that sharing is in solidarity with the variety of initiatives listed.


The full table is below.


To add a listing, please use this form.
Any organizer who’d like to update, add to, or correct their listing: use the form just as for a new listing.


You can use this image ^ in social media posts, or print flyers (PDF)



The listings are organized with the following categories:
*suggestions are welcome on the categorization scheme

  • Type of listing:
    Organization / Group ; Directory / Listing ; Media Outlet ; Call to Action / Event ; List of Demands / Collective Statement.
  • Type of Organizing:
    Collective Advocacy -and/or- Supports for Individuals.
  • Geography:
    Province-wide -or- Local (and if so, which locality).
  • Main area(s) of focus:
    General / Multi-issue ; Workers / Labour ; Schools / Child-care ; Tenants / Housing ; Homeless / Shelters ; Prisoners / Incarceration ; Policing / Legal ; Migrant Justice ; Racial Justice ; Gender Justice ; Disability Justice ; Health Care ; Long-Term Care ; Science ; Mutual Aid ; Other: __.

The other fields for each listing, are:
Website ; Short description (1-3 sentences); Social media links (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) ; File attachment(s), for printing or otherwise ; Contact info (phone and/or email) ; Any additional link(s).


To scroll, you can click on any square and then use the keyboard arrows.
To see a full record, click on the blue arrows at the left of the table that appear when you hover over it.
To see full contents of a square that’s too long for the display, click the arrow box appearing in the square.
To sort or view the directory in a different way, click the arrow(s) at top-right of the desired column(s).


There are two tables: the first a calendar, the second with all other listings.