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The Oblates ran over a third of all federal Residential Schools. Their historic headquarters is being re-developed. What commemoration aspects can be included?

A presentation from Greg Macdougall to the City of Ottawa¬†committees meeting deliberating on the new Official Plan, October 14 2021. The following text is an elaborated version — also including reference links* — of the written submission sent in advance to the committees. But it was too long to fit into the spoken five-minute slot, […]

This is my presentation to the special OCDSB meeting Aug. 24, 2021 about the upcoming school year and COVID-related safety and prevention measures. Background notes, supporting evidence, references, images, and links are below the presentation text. REMARKS TO TRUSTEES – DRAFT I appreciate the opportunity to address this meeting. I’m a former OCDSB student and […]

[a work in progress] What to do if you read a Public Health COVID report in detail, and learn that what is being presented to the public isn’t what the actual numbers indicate? What I did, was take my concerns to the Board of Health public meeting. While the 5 minutes they allocated wasn’t enough […]

With the discovery of the bones of 215 children buried at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, the CBC reported a story “Remains found at Kamloops residential school ‘not an isolated incident

This is a crowd-sourced database of organizations, media outlets, calls to action, collective statements / demands, and other listings.

Double-sided, folded pamphlet (2-page PDF) with archival quotes from 1910-1920, plus illustrations.

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