The ‘Edge-U-cation’ event was held on Wed Mar 16 in Ottawa, with 20-plus people in attendance. The theme of the event was to discuss what liberating education looks like. (see event callout)

This report from the event includes an outline of the event, three sets of flip chart notes taken during the the full-group parts of the evening (and video from one of those parts), and facilitator comments at the end.

Session Outline:
(small-groups were either 3 or 4 people in each)


Pros/Cons of ‘Lecture-Style Education’ (group discussion)



‘Middle’ (could be pro & con?)

Greg’s short talk on education

… or click here to see it on Youtube

Notes from short talk
(with bit of audience participation)

What contributes to good learning? (group discussion)



Facilitator comments:

Was happy to see that this format did indeed get people participating, sharing with each other… also, two volunteers felt confident enough to come to the front and take flip-chart notes for the full-group parts of the session, one even taking on co-facilitation duties spontaneously… The ‘movement activity’ was something I’d heard described but never seen, thoughts on making it more effective: perhaps, after one person has said their thing and others moved towards them, the next person to share first has to make sure they are at least ten steps away from that group, so that there is more movement. Also maybe after the first person has shared, try having the next 3 be people who had not moved to the first person? … And the last activity worked well, people went beyond the instructed ‘clapping/stomping’ and added in other elements like mouth sounds and finger snapping. It was noted afterwards that that activity works well to get everyone in the group ‘in sync’, entrainment, and it could be done earlier in the workshop to be able to generate that energy/vibe while the session is still going, instead of just to end it. … The one thing, to do with the ‘hidden curriculum’ I mentioned in the short talk, is that although this was very participatory, it was still totally structured by me, ie I directed people what to do (activity) all through the sessionĀ  and so it was still a matter of people following directions. One thing direct education is supposed to be about is creating the initial structure that then allows participants to take the session where they want, so building in/facilitating participant choice in how it unfolds would be the next step to incorporate … the ‘open space’ event concept is something to look at here. But definitely something to think about more…

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