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Edge-U-cation – Report

The ‘Edge-U-cation’ event was held on Wed Mar 16 in Ottawa, with 20-plus people in attendance. The theme of the…

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March 16: Edge-U-cation

Edge-U-cation Wed March 16 – 7:00pm sharp (6:30pm refreshments/ice-breakers) at PSAC building, JK Wlyie boardroom (first floor) 233 Gilmour (at…

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Challenging Corporate Media

Challenging Corporate Media by Greg Macdougall Feb 2, 2008 – published at and in the Linchpin newspaper Independent media…

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Independent Media – ideas & strategy

IMC Ontario Workshop Feedback   Feedback from Anarchist Bookfair Workshop (October 2002) and other places   Positives: part of a…