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From the organizers of the Unschooling Oppression conference (November 2007, Ottawa): This is what was brainstormed by the breakout groups and written on the board during the conference’s concluding caucus (problems and proposed solutions). We don’t need to use any or all of it, but it is useful in helping to refresh our memories and […]

Notes from Matt Hern’s talk, “Possibility in the face of probability”, on Nov 10 at the Unschooling Oppression conference (Ottawa 2007) Matt Hern: Hope is a Participatory Exercise by Greg Macdougall, Nov 11 2007 originally published on Ottawa Indymedia: http://ottawa.indymedia.org/en/2007/11/6161.shtml Matt started his talk with a bit of history of schooling as supplied by the […]

Some notes and the audio from Cindy Milstein’s presentation Nov.8th at the Unschooling Oppression conference (November 2007) Audio (2+hrs, first half is talk, second half is Q&A) files link Educate/ion/ing for Freedom Summary by Greg Macdougall, Nov 10 2007 She talked about how she wasn’t sure if the title of her talk should be ‘Education […]