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Cover image by Tania Willard. Download e-book by clicking above.

A collection of articles on Indigenous self-determination and sovereignty, rights, resistance, language and culture. In two PDF versions (for either front-to-back reading, or formatted to print doublesided and fold into booklet form). Please share.

When I was living in Kitchener-Waterloo, I had the opportunity to attend and be involved in different things that opened my eyes to ‘Aboriginal Awareness’ (the name of a conference from which come a couple of the articles in this booklet).

This booklet is a collection of writings that cover some of the learnings from that time. As part of IPSMO (Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa), and with support from CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers), I’ve been able to get a few hundred of these booklets into peoples’ hands without having to ask for money in exchange.

Now, I’m also making this booklet available online. The intent is to allow people — who’d like to perhaps gain some new perspective, to perhaps find a way to become moreĀ  in alignment with some of the teachings contained within — to read the booklet online, or print off their own copy(s).


I was honoured to receive this (somewhat shorthand) email from Romola Trebilcock, long-time aide and assistant to Algonquin Elder Grandfather William Commanda:

“Thank you very much for sharing your booklet with us … When GWC look at it he said it was good to see someone could understand how he thinks.”

It is with great sadness but also a gratitude for all that he brought to the world, that I write here that he has recently passed on. If this booklet can help people understand some of the kinds of values or thinking that Grandfather approached life with, I would love to be able to help it reach as many people as possible.

I think the content it contains is a good way for people with an interest in activism to learn more about Aboriginal culture, and conversely it’s an entry point into activism for people with an interest in the culture.

Also, I received secondhand feedback that someone said she felt that this booklet would be really valuable to get into the school system. (So, if you know someone who works in schools, who might be able to use this in the classroom, please do pass this on).



There are two versions, both printable, but only the first suitable for reading from your computer:

  • Click here for the e-book (aka front-to-back formatting) (Right-click and ‘Save link as…’ to download)
  • Click here for the version formatted for printing doublesided and folding into a booklet/zine(Right-click and ‘Save link as…’ to download)

Table of contents – 32 pages (5.5″ x 8.5″) = 16 standard 8.5″x11″ pages (or 8 doublesided)

Cover image by Tania Willard ~ Intro ~ Burnt Church ~ Ward Churchill (article and interview) ~ Violet Shawanda: keeper of the language ~ James Bartelman ~ Aboriginal Awareness conference ~ Shannon Thunderbird ~ Herb Joseph ~ Wolverine ~ Spirit Connections ~ Outro


Future plans

I’m planning to update the booklet with some more writings and also feature some videos I’ve made available online – and maybe look more at how to publish it and work on distributing it in the school system. When the ‘2nd edition’ comes out, I will likely take the original version down.

So please do take the opportunity while it’s up to take a look, and consider if you know others who might like to see this (there’s a ‘social media sharing bar’ below, or just send an email with the link to this page/website). If you (or an organization you’re part of) would like to print multiple copes for distribution, please do.

To receive notice of the 2nd edition coming out, please sign up for updates in the update form on the right hand sidebar (near the top) – or feel free to contact me via email form

And if you have any comments/feedback, please don’t hesitate to leave them below. And please do consider sharing this with others (there’s a ‘social media sharing bar’ below as well)

Preview of some content for the 2nd edition: