Special print PDF for Occupy Wall St / Occupy Canada / Occupy worldwide

I’ve produced this 2-page special edition of the ‘rabble rouser’ with a collection of key articles, photos and graphics for the Occupy movement. It’s for use as an outreach tool you can print, make copies, and distribute in the ‘real world’ to people who might not be tuned in online to all the Occupy social media networks. So please – make some copies and get yourself into street promo mode (and sharing online helps too).

Download the pdf in two versions:

The list of articles includes:

  • Statements from the Occupation of Wall Street
  • Mainstream media dismissive
  • Keeping the Occupy integrity
  • Making room for racial justice
  • Asking the big economic questions

… and it links to rabble.ca‘s full coverage of the Occupy movement, at rabble.ca/occupy

The rabble rouser was previously published in special editions for the 2011 and 2008 federal elections; you can find all the old issues at rabble.ca/rabblerouser

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