Voice of Muslim Youth – Provincial Election Engagement Session

Featuring 14 videos from the Sept 10th event featuring candidates Wali Farah (NDP), Alex Hill (Green Party), and Yasir Naqvi (Liberal Party) [the Conservative candidate was unable to attend at the last minute due to illness].

The 1st Voice of Muslim Youth Provincial Election Engagement Session aimed at providing a platform for Muslim youth in Ottawa, Canada to become both politically engaged and voice the issues that matter and affect them. This event was non-partisan and invited candidates representing the four political parties running in the provincial election (but not all from the same riding).

Click here for the full playlist of all 14 videos – including a representative of Equal Voice, a number of (both prepared and spontaneous) questions to the candidates, and interviews with two of the organizers. Here is the intro to the event:

The list of videos (again, click here for the playlist):

  • Introduction to the Event
  • Women Running for Office: Etana Cain from Equal Voice
  • Candidate Introductions
  • Q: Child and Youth Mental Health
  • Q: Academic Standards within the Public Education System
  • Q: Youth and the Ontario Criminal Justice System
  • Q: Post-Secondary Tuition Fees
  • Q: Support and Resources for Private Religious Schools (Q1 & Q2)
  • Q: Re-integration Programs for Criminalized Youth
  • Q: Involving Multicultural Communities in Political Parties
  • Q: Is the Hijab or Niqab a barrier to political participation?
  • Interview: Event Coordinator Chelby Marie Daigle
  • Interview: Voice of Muslim Youth Coordinator Kauthar Mohamed

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