Oct.16-17: The Inmates Are Running The Asylum screenings w/ filmmakers

Come and view this film documenting the early history of the Mental Patients Association in Vancouver, and engage with a panel discussion including the film’s producers as well as local mental health activists.


Wed Oct 16, 7pm
at the Bronson Centre, room 215
211 Bronson Ave – http://goo.gl/maps/K3jgm

Thurs Oct 17, 7pm
at the University of Ottawa, Morisset room 221 (library building)
“MRT” – http://www.uottawa.ca/maps


The Mental Patients Association was founded in 1971 as a reaction to the dehumanizing experience many faced when they came out of psychiatric institutions. Unabashedly political, they were an advocacy and protest organization as well as a support group. They reclaimed the words used as slurs against them. MPA’s “mad pride” philosophy was unfathomable to the psychiatric mainstream. But their approach worked.

Forty two years later, MPA’s story is being told. The film consists of interviews, animation and original music. Working collaboratively with academic scholars and talented young artists and film-makers, a group of early MPA members created this 36-minute documentary.

Provocative, passionate and engaging, our film has something important to say about social justice, community-building and mental health today.

The film is being presented in Ottawa in partnership with the Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa and EquitableEducation.ca, with support from OPIRG/GRIPO-Ottawa, The Icarus Project – Ottawa, and the SFUO Centre for Students with Disabilities, .

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Film websitePress kitFull film on YouTube (36min)

Media interviews (audio):
With film producer (10min)With producer & MPA member (28min)

Film trailer:


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