m&m_toolkitA guide to understanding and using multimedia to build stronger communities through diversity in Canada — from the Multimedia & Multiculturalism Initiative of the United Nations Association in Canada.

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From the introduction:

This M&M Toolkit is about you. You will discover a wealth of tips, guidelines, and testimonials on how to initiate and promote inclusive media within your community of diverse cultures and heritages. The M&M Toolkit can be used by anybody with interest in using media and communication tools to bring together a group, neighbors, schools, employees or a ‘community’ to explore solutions towards building a socially cohesive society in Canada.

A reader/user will gain knowledge and in-depth understanding of:



My contribution

I was asked to contribute some thoughts to this toolkit,
and on page 25 they feature some of my words:


Expert Opinion
Tips from an independent media maker:

“Involving different people is key from the outset. Get feedback and input on the initial idea: How could it work better? Who else could be involved?

Giving people different ways in which they can participate and be a part is important. Identifying barriers to participation, and figuring out ways to overcome them can help ensure that the different people who can benefit from the project are able to be involved.

Involvement includes having a sense of ownership, buy-in, connection and deriving value from the project. Extend this to media-makers, organisations and communities that are served by, or benefit from, the project.

To be successful, there must be well-thought out plans and strategy for both organisational and economic sustainability – making good media is not enough. Also ensure that the project is providing something of value to people/communities on an ongoing basis”

Greg Macdougall
Equitable Education


About the M&M Project

LogoThe Multimedia and Multiculturalism Initiative website is www.mmunac.org. It was a three-year project that is just now drawing to a close.

For an introduction to the project, you can see my article, podcast and videos from the 2011 M&M launch in Ottawa.

I also video-recorded their later event, Telling Our Own Stories.