VIDEO: Connecting with Spiritual Traditions – Dalva Lamminmäki & Albert Dumont

Simple, deep truths – Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont in discussion with Dalva Lamminmäki, a keeper of Finno-Ugric Shamanism and traditions (25min).

Recorded 27 April 2013 outside of Greely, a southern part of the city of Ottawa.

Dalva Lamminmäki is a healer in the tradition of Finno-Ugric shamanism. She traces her lineage to the ancient practices of the Karelia area of Finland, where she had ancestral ties. She is a teacher with the Center for Finno-Ugric Shamanism, Helsinki.

Albert Dumont, “South Wind”, is a Poet, Storyteller, Speaker, and an Algonquin Traditional Teacher. He was born and raised in traditional Algonquin territory (Kitigan Zibi). He has been walking the “Red Road” since commencing his sobriety in 1989. He has published four books of poetry and short stories and one children’s book, written in three languages.

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