VIDEOS: Storytelling & Poetry by Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont

A series of seven short videos featuring Albert “South Wind” Dumont. Filmed at Singing Pebble Books on 16 March 2013. (Read Albert’s blog post about the event here).

Old Joe – Childhood memory

“Old Joe was born without the ability to speak but still his prayers were heard with great beauty and eloquence.”


The Accident – Giving thanks is necessary in life

“I was 40 and I was sure my life had come to an end.”


Creating a Poet – Painful life experiences can have great purpose

“If nothing else, the miseries of my life created poetry.”


The Apple on the Oak Branch – Childhood memory

“I was a mischievous boy and knew how to play a trick.”


What is Time? – Philosophy

“Philosophy is wondrous.”


Carpenter Ants – The land as an ally

“Ants lifted me out of despair.”


The Little Bird – Learning from the land

“A little bird can teach a man to become strong.”


Albert “South Wind” Dumont wishes to express his gratitude to Greg Macdougall for his awesome work in the development of these videos.


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