Spirituality, the Chaudière Falls, and Responsibility – Albert ‘South Wind’ Dumont with Judith Matheson

Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont (South Wind) was interviewed by Judith Matheson on 12 February 2014 about the spiritual importance of the Chaudière Falls (in Ottawa/Gatineau).

What resulted is a dynamic and compelling conversation between two Elders about Spirituality, Responsibility, and the crucial importance for humans to stay connected to each other and to Nature. Deep conversations like this and listening to our Elders is essential in these times of rapid change, social upheaval, and environmental stress.

Connect with Albert at http://albertdumont.com
Connect with Judith at http://birthottawagatineau.com

Filmed and produced by Greg Macdougall, EquitableEducation.ca


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