Counterbalance – zine on Activism & Mental Health

“What Sustains Us? What Stops Us?” An exploration and conversation starter on how we meld our activist lives, our political selves with our personal lives, our mental health work and the way we are in community – and how we can make it sustainable, healthy and constructive.

Photo of Counterbalance zine on bookshelf
Photo of Counterbalance zine on bookshelf

Zine by Kristi Kenney;
some pieces by guest authors.





  • Acknowledgements & Thank You
  • Welcome & Hello
  • Despair for the World & Personal Depression
  • Looking to Those Who Have Been Here Before: Miriam Greenspan, Joanna Macy & Sarah Conn
  • Building a Culture of Connection as Activists, by Jenna Golden & Karen Hixson
  • Where Despair & Hope Meet
  • The Psychology of Social Change; or, why doesn’t this seem to be working?
  • Questions About Burnout & Aging in the Activist Scene, by PB Floyd
  • Inspiring Activists
  • DIY Emotional Well-Being Tips, from Slingshot Organizer 2008
  • In Conclusion, Future Inquiries & Connections
  • References & Recommended Readings


Link to the Counterbalance Project website
– also the Counterbalance Facebook page



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