Indigenous Sovereignty Week videos

This is an archive of videos from ISW events between 2009-2011. They are mostly from Ottawa, but I also managed to find one set of videos from each year from other locations.

Indigenous Sovereignty Week was based on a call by the Defenders of the Land network.

I wrote an article introducing ISW in the lead-up to the first year’s events; the article featured quotes from an interview with Arthur Manuel, who had a planned multi-city ISW speaking tour that year.

There are also archives of the call from DOTL here: for 2009; for 2010; and, for 2011.
(The formatting is a bit off in the first two pages, so just scroll down a bit to get to the content)

Here are the videos (from back when many Youtube videos had a length limit of 10- or 15-minutes)

2009 ISW – Ottawa (link to full schedule)

  • Indigenous Perspectives on the Environment
    Clayton Thomas-Muller, Gitz Crazy Boy, Darryl Sainnawap, Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, Marylynn Poucachiche: Playlist of 15 videos
  • Beaver Lake Cree First Nation and the Tar Sands
    Lawyer Jack Woodward: Two videos
  • Remembering Residential Schools
    Video was published on the now-defunct, but re-publishing is planned soon

2009 ISW – Vancouver

2010 ISW – Ottawa (link to full schedule)

2010 ISW – Lhe Lin Liyin

  • Grassroots Wet’suwet’en: A Growing Resistance …
    Toghestiy (Warner Naziel), Freda Huson, Tsalik (Mel Bazil), Maskibu (Helen Mitchell), Wileh’ (Katherine Michell): Playlist of 4 videos

2011 ISW – Toronto

  • Criminalization of Indigenous Peoples
    Maurganne Mooney, Jules Koostachin, Christa Big Canoe: Playlist of 9 videos

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