Collected Coverage of the “Freedom Convoy” Ottawa Occupation

This is offered in the spirit of Indymedia, the innovative open-publishing activist media network that preceded corporate social media.

This is a growing, crowdsourced database – of analysis, news reports, incidents & impacts, and community responses – about the Truckers “Freedom Convoy” Ottawa Occupation.

**** UPDATE, AUGUST 2022: All the text here is as it appeared when originally published. I’ve realized it would be good to revise it with a clearer, more current write-up, and I plan to do that shortly. There are also some more links stored in bookmarks etc for entry, that aren’t yet added into the tables, but that I hope to include in the tables soon, along with doing some clean up of the existing entries. ****


The reason for this collection is to make all this information more accessible, and also to counter misinformation and misconceptions.

Click here for the input form to contribute an item to these listings.

There are four categories, each with it’s own table.

Each link will open in a new window – especially useful for mobile users – or, scroll down for the embedded tables on this page.


  • Analysis (link) – Pieces about understanding the dynamics of what is happening and what to do about it.
  • News (link) – Reports, details, and updates about what is happening and what has been happening.
  • Incidents and Impacts (link) – Documenting instances of violence, displays of hate, and impacts upon residents.
  • Community responses (link) – Initiatives, resources, supports, tools, and actions, created by and for local community residents.


A few entries are ‘pinned’ at the top of each table, and then everything else is sorted chronologically.

These are curated, crowd-sourced listings.
Please click on this link to suggest additional items to include.
The database will become more useful to people as it is built up with relevant entries people send in.

Please also share – via both social media and other channels – so more people can know about this.
All this info collected in one place, can be particularly useful for those less connected on social media.

Questions/ comments/ feedback/ offers of assistance can be added below as a comment on this post
or sent via the email address on the contact page of this site (see tab on top bar) or DM @GregEqEd.

This project was launched the evening of February 9th. and is still working out any problems.
It’s not yet close to comprehensive, but has many of the most important things already.

The tables are each embedded here, in the same order as listed above

Use the scroll bars to browse, and the ‘expand’ arrows (hover by an item number) to pop up a full record.




News / Reports


Incidents & Impacts


Community Responses


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