SOURCE LIST: Ohio train chemical disaster hits Ontario

I made a short video documenting the air dispersal models and individual reports from people in Ontario, and collected links to all the sourced included in the video, which together provide very strong indication of the spread of the Ohio chemical disaster into Canada. The video packs a lot of visual information tightly together.

The video is 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and is available on

This post has the collection of all the sources used in the video, listed below.

I think some main concerns or questions with the Ohio chemicals train crash and subsequent mass burn-off of vinyl chloride, include the following:

  • Delays in people learning there’d been a disaster;
  • Dismissal / minimization of dangers, both to the people in East Palestine Ohio and in wider areas;
  • Very incomplete information about what the dangers are, and what to do about them.

This video can’t address all of that, but hopefully it helps.

Video (version with music):

LINKS TO SOURCES — Roughly corresponding to chronological order in video

Air dispersal models:

*coming soon… further details about the NOAA removing their official models after posting them on their website.


Reports from individuals:

There are also a number of reports from people in Ontario and Quebec of ‘rainbow sheens’, of snow melting differently than regular, and of birds not where they would regularly be… but those reports didn’t make it into this video or collection of source links. But you can read some discussion here on reddit

Canadian news reports that dismiss risk:

These reports say the wind patterns wouldn’t bring the problem to Canada, but the air dispersal models directly contradict that.

Documenting the fallout:

Coordinated online misinfo:

Commentary from @RVAwonk (Caroline Orr Bueno)

music in the video

“This Is Not” by Anima Mundi –and– “Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against The Machine

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