Opposing Israel’s genocide of Gaza : General and Canadian contexts

For now, this is a small collection of resources on the situation in Gaza. In the next few days, an in-depth article is planned to be published in this space, in addition to the collection of resources.

Things to print:

Actions to take:

  • STOP GAZA GENOCIDE: Ceasefire Now! (Public Toolkit) -from US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Info sources to stay updated:

  • #PalestineChronology -from Institute for Palestine Studies
    Press Summaries on the War on Gaza – with first summary posted on October 10; currently there are 9 summaries posted, as of October 29. Link at www.palestine-studies.org

  • The War on Palestine Podcast -from Jadaliyya (Arab Studies Institute)
    “A digest of the news featuring updates in Gaza, UN, geopolitical updates, legal efforts, popular organizing, & media” – with first episode posted on October 29. Link at www.jadaliyya.com – also on Youtube & Soundcloud

Please add any additional suggestions of resources to include, as a comment below.

A short video from the “All Out For Gaza” rally and march in Ottawa on October 22nd:


Video link

(*: And in case of concern, here’s a relevant post about the chant “From the river to the sea…” that’s in the video, that is subject to some controversial claims.)

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