Welcome + Using this website

A quick note about navigating this website: There are a variety of topics covered, in writing and/or video or audio, and a fair amount of print-ready PDF files ready to take with you offline.

The top page (‘landing page’ / home page) has a dozen or so highlighted feature pieces that you can browse through left to right, followed by the section below that which has eight or nine of the most recent posts, and at the bottom you can load the next most-recent group, etc.

But, many of the menus in the bars at the top are out of date, after a website overhaul earlier this year; same with some of the categories attached (in blue) to individual posts.
You might find about half of the available content here through using the menus – and I do have plans to get those menus more comprehensive and useful in the near future – but for now, you’ll be best served to use the search function (the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page) to get what you might be interested in.

I hope you find something(s) worthwhile while you’re here, and, thanks for visiting!

Weweni / Take care,
– greg

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