Wild deer visits downtown Ottawa, swims in the Rideau Canal: video

Shortly before 9am on Monday, I heard from someone who saw the deer on O’Connor street, headed to Lansdowne Park. I grabbed my bike and the video camera, and soon found the deer in the water near Pig Island in the canal.

The video (embedded below) picks up there; it’s nine minutes in length,
– or there is a shorter two-minute version on Twitter.

UPDATE: The video now starts with the short CBC News clip that featured some of the footage from the video, and then has the original full 9-minutes

The deer did eventually make it safely to land, in the Arboretum on the far shores of Dow’s Lake, but it’s not clear where it went after that.

UPDATE #2: See the Glebe Report article and photo by Randal Marlin – the ‘someone’ I mentioned above – about seeing the deer before it went into the canal. The article mentions the video I did, and also about the deer being spotted near the National Arts Centre and then running down Elgin, before making it to O’Connor and Lansdowne and the canal (disclaimer: it was from someone I know on Twitter that I learned about the NAC, and from a random reply on reddit that I learned about Elgin St – not from my website).

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