Walk to protect the Akikodjiwan Chaudiere Falls sacred site from Zibi condos – VIDEO, AUDIO

Short video from the Spirituality is Unity walk June 22, and audio report from the Ottawa City Council meeting’s $61-million grant to the Zibi development June 13. Also transcripts of both.
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Walk to protect sacred site at Chaudiere Falls Translation of Radio-Canada newscast


Ottawa City Council grants record payout to Zibi developers to decontaminate land at sacred site Groundwire Radio News segment


Walk to protect sacred site at Chaudiere Falls
June 22, 2018 – Translation of Radio-Canada TV News broadcast segment

[Daniel Bouchard, Radio-Canada]: The Algonquins and other Indigenous people and Faith leaders are concerned about the future of the Chaudière Falls. For this reason, today a few hundred people walked from Victoria Island to the Parliament to call for their protection for future generations.

[Gilles Taillon, Radio-Canada]: Women, children and Faith leaders joined with numerous Indigenous people to draw attention to the majestic beauty of the Chaudière Falls. It is a jewel of nature in the heart of what has been an industrial site for two centuries. However, the neighboring islands will soon be taken over by a new condo and commercial complex, straddling Ottawa and Gatineau, named the Zibi project.

[Rachèle Prud’homme, Algonquin]: We never ceded our lands so I don’t understand how a government can sell lands that don’t belong to them. This is our temple. We are here to protect the sacred waters, where our ancestors performed ceremonies since time immemorial.

[Gilles Taillon, Radio-Canada]: The symbolic meaning of the three Chaudière islands were on everyone’s mind.

[Alex Akiwenzie, Chief]: What’s at stake here is really based on spirituality and pride and protection of a sacred place.

[Gilles Taillon, Radio-Canada]: We must free the Falls affirm the activist, even if development has begun.

[Anne-Marie Hogue, Ally of Indigenous people – Free the Falls]: This is not a done deal because these lands are federal lands, lands that are for all Canadians.

[Larry Rousseau, Canadian Labour Council executive VP]: This land was always occupied by industrialists for industrial purposes, and now that the industrial era is over, the government has given permission to develop a residential project on Crown land. This makes absolutely no sense.

[Gilles Taillon, Radio-Canada]: In closing, architect Douglas Cardinal reminded the gathering that it is the Indigenous women who have always taught the importance of living in harmony with nature. Those opposing the condo project promised to return and demonstrate again next year.


More information at – www.FreeTheFalls.cawww.ItIsSacred.cawww.AlbertDumont.comwww.Asinabka.comwww.EquitableEducation.ca/tag/chaudiere-falls

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Translation by Anne-Marie Hogue. Original video in French from Radio-Canada (‘fair use’) was broadcast on the Gatineau/Ottawa 6pm TV newscast, 22 June 2018.

Original transcription in French / en Francais:

[Denis Bouchard, Radio Canada] : L’avenir des Chutes de la Chaudière inquiète les autochtones et les communautés religieuses de la région de la capitale nationale, alors c’est pourquoi il a eu quelques centaines de personnes qui ont marché de l’Île Victoria aujourd’hui jusqu’au Parlement afin de réclamer leur protection pour les générations futures.

[Gilles Taillon – reporteur Radio Canada] : Des femmes, des enfants, des prêtres se sont joins à de nombreux autochtones pour souligner la beauté majestueuse des Chutes de la Chaudière, un joyau de la nature au cœur d’une exploitation industrielle depuis deux siècles. Mais les îles environnantes feront bientôt place à un nouveau quartier résidentiel à cheval entre Ottawa et Gatineau, notamment le projet Zibi.

[Rachèle Prud’homme, Algonquine] : On a jamais cédé nos territoires donc je ne comprends pas comment un gouvernement peut vendre ce qui ne lui appartient puis, c’est notre temple ici. On est là pour protéger les eaux sacrées où nos ancêtres ont toujours fait nos cérémonies.

[Gilles Taillon] : La signification symbolique des trois îles de la Chaudière était sur toutes les lèvres.

[Alex Akiwenzie, Chef] : What’s at stake here is really based on spirituality and pride and protection of a sacred place.

[Gilles Taillon] : Il faut libérer les chutes affirment ces militants même si l’aménagement des îles a déjà commencé.

[Anne-Marie Hogue, Free The Falls] : Nous disons : « Ce n’est pas un fait accompli, parce que d’abord ces terres là ce sont des terres fédérales et ce sont des terres qui sont là pour tous les Canadiens.

[Larry Rousseau, Canadian Labour Council VP executif] : Ce terrain a toujours été occupé par des industriels à des fins industrielles et maintenant que cette époque est révolue le gouvernement accorde une permission sur des terrains de la Couronne pour faire un développement résidentiel. Ça n’a aucun sens.

[Gilles Taillon] : L’architecte, Douglas Cardinal a eu le mot de la fin, en rappelant que les mères autochtones ont toujours enseigné à vivre en harmonie avec la nature. Les manifestants ont promis de revenir à la charge l’an prochain.

Ici Gilles Taillon. Radio-Canada. Ottawa.



Ottawa City Council grants record payout to Zibi developers to decontaminate land at sacred site
June 19, 2018 – Segment from bi-weekly 1/2-hour GroundwireNews.ca. Piece by: Michael Welch CKUW | Host: Susan Huebert CKUW | Files from: Greg Macdougall EquitableEducation.ca

Defenders of an Indigenous sacred site were dealt another blow on June 13th when Ottawa City Council approved a record $60.9 Million grant to Windmill Development Group for the decontamination of land on two islands at Chaudiere Falls. The islands on the Ottawa River near Parliament hill had been left derelict and toxic after a century of industrial activities there. It is also unceded Algonquin territory and considered sacred to the Algonquin and all Anishinaabe peoples. Windmill’s ZIBI development in construction clashes with an existing Indigenous vision for Asinabka to have Indigenous healing, as well as peace-building and environmental harmony, at the traditional spiritual gathering site.

Supporters of that vision briefly disrupted the Council meeting…
(clip from June 13 Ottawa City Council meeting: https://youtu.be/-ncSFT5o6HM?t=1h43m34s)

Lindsay Lambert is a historian, and one of 5 people who attempted unsuccessfully to appeal the rezoning of the islands to the Ontario Municipal Board 4 years ago. He had expressed his objections at the previous week’s Finance and Economic Development Committee hearings on the issue.
(clip from June 5 Ottawa Finance & Economic Development Committee meeting https://youtu.be/r1CccAjN8VE?t=1h52m5s)

Public messaging from Windmill before the rezoning approval suggested that the developer would take on the full costs of the clean up. On Friday June 22nd, faith leaders will hold the third annual Spirituality Is Unity Walk​: Walk For Our Sacred Site, Akikodjiwan, in support of restoring the site to the Algonquin Anishinaabe. More details can be found on the event’s facebook page, or at www.AlbertDumont.com


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