Deputation for Public Health / School Board, regarding hospital crisis and mask mandates

This is a ‘bare bones’ post, to host a PDF and links for reference sources.

Written delegation to OCDSB meeting, 22 Nov 2022 (2-page PDF)
– with link to OCDSB meeting agenda and documents

(note: These are not meant to be comprehensive, but simply to illustrate there is validity to my statements)

On ‘Immunity Damage’ – aka how previous COVID infection may predispose to future health problems:

  • Is COVID-19 Dysregulating Our Immune Systems? (TVO, 15 Nov 2022)
    Are people becoming sick more often, experiencing more severe symptoms and having more difficulty treating viral infections after having had COVID-19? If so, why? Epidemiologists, immunologists, and other experts discuss increasing evidence that SARS-CoV-2 can cause immune dysregulation for several months after infection.
    (*Pro tip: to quickly browse through this episode’s content, go to the youtube version, and underneath the video on the right hand side, click on the three dots to view the transcript – you can then even highlight the entire transcript, and copy/paste it into a text document for easier navigation)
  • “Did COVID Damage My Immune System?” (The Conversation, 26 Sept 2022)
    Writeup that includes summaries and links to some relevant studies.

On Effectiveness of Mask Mandates in Schools:

  • Alberta study: ~3x as many infections outbreaks where there weren’t mask mandates.
  • Boston study: ~30% more cases where mask mandates were lifted.

On COVID Spread in Ottawa Schools:

Delegations to Ottawa Public Health – Board of Health

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