Canada Healthcare Crisis: Crowdsourced Coverage + Actions

This is a growing crowd-sourced database of news, information, protests, online events, and other materials, to assist in addressing the crisis in the best way possible.

The primary aim of this, is to gather as much of the relevant information together as possible in an accessible format for a wide variety of people to be able to easily learn about what is happening and what to do.

It is grouped into four categories (each is a separate table/view embedded below)

  • Take Action / Upcoming Events;
  • Healthcare System News / Status / Analysis;
  • Prevention Measures News+ (i.e. Masking – Ventilation – Paid Sick Days);
  • Layperson Guides and Science Info about COVID and respiratory illnesses.


Maybe you don’t see the content you think should be there?
Please add content you know about that isn’t there. But in a larger sense, the database may not be as comprehensive as it could be, because not enough people know it is here and that it requires ongoing contributions of info links from various people.
To make this database more useful for everyone – for now and in the future – two things are needed:
(1) Spreading the word so it reaches more people: online and offline, social media and email and print posters;
(2) Contributing entries to the database, to grow the collection so it is more comprehensive and remains up-to-date.

Add Entries – Here is a link to the input form for adding entries.

Print Posters – Here is a poster PDF file that can be printed to promote the December 9th & 12th protests as well as this database. And there is an image version (JPG) of the poster that can be used for social media posts.

Below the embedded tables, are further, more detailed thoughts on making this database work and its importance.

To navigate these table views: use the blue ‘expand’ arrows to see an entry’s full info, or use the horizontal scroll bar.


Subsections: (1) Online Events; (2) In-Person Events; (3) Other Actions/Initiatives; (4) Past Events.

For now, this table is simply listed in reverse chronological (i.e., most recent first) order.

The following two tables are just getting started (as of December 7th)
Subsections: Masks/Mandates – Ventilation – Paid Sick Days

Subsections: Guides – Analysis – Studies

Remember – Use the input form to add further entries that aren’t already included

Note that this is a work-in-progress, formally launched November 19, 2022. The organization, categories, etc, may be re-envisioned and revised. If you have thoughts, please add them as a comment on this post, or by email (top-right of this site).

Explanatory notes

Purpose, usefulness, potential (initial notes)

  • The primary purpose of this compilation is to create a way for more people to be aware of the situation and how to get involved in doing something about it.
  • This is especially of use for people who don’t have the connections or capacity to access and stay on top of all of the relevant information.
  • The ‘digital divide’ has many aspects: some people aren’t online, or use it very sparingly; some people who are online, will only know about these things if they learn about it offline; some people aren’t on social media; some people don’t have the connections on social media or digital literacy to find the relevant information; some people don’t have the time or energy keep up to date; some people very active on social media will think most everyone else sees the same information they see; some people are drowning in misinformation; ‘social media bubbles’ insulate people from having a good sense of the diversity of information and views circulating; etc etc.
  • A primary value of this database is having all the information in one place. It’s not only one organization’s point of view, or one media outlet’s reporting, but it is one place where people can compile and access various sources and stories and events, all compiled together in an easy-to-access reference resource.

How to help make this be more effective and useful(initial notes)

  • There are two primary things to do, needed to make this work well:
    Helping to add entries/content to the database; and,
    Helping to spread the word so other people know about it, and are able to access it.
  • More details of ideas for exactly how to do this, will be written up and posted here soon, but in a general sense they are self-explanatory… they just need doing!


The database arose from an earlier (start of September) call for Hospital Crisis Solidarity, explained at this link.

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