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This is a collection of work I’ve created – or co-created – on issues around media and communication for social change movements, radical politics, community building, and anti-oppression.

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It is difficult to understate the importance of these issues, with so much societal and movement reliance upon communication platforms and structures, and thus reliant on how they are designed and who controls them (/and/ “the medium is the message”).

It is troubling, I think, that many people don’t think – or do – too much about the media systems that underpin how we share information and connect with each other.

My various involvements in media over two decades reflects my prioritizing of this issue – this includes freelance media-making (writing and later audio/radio and video), as well as organizing / editing/ producing, community media projects, and ‘PR’ support for various grassroots efforts.

This page last updated September 5, 2020.


These are two longer in-depth, opinion / analysis / proposal pieces:

  • What Media Could Do To Help With Climate Action, and What It Is Doing To Interfere (2020)
    This is a rough initial draft written to deadline in February 2020. I’m looking for a future publishing home for an expanded version – but given the urgency and importance, wanted to make it accessible in its current form for now.
    * Format is ‘imposed’ PDF printable zine, which means print double-sided on short edge and fold into booklet (, or read diagonal down then up)
    *UPDATE April 2023: Now published as a regular-text piece at

Collective work:

Various Topics and Reporting:

Indigenous Media Topics:

Content from a course and various other workshops:

A grassroots course on “Interdependent Media” that I initiated/led in 2011:



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