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Powershift 2019: Young and Rising takes place February 14-18. With environmental and climate problems increasing, it’s good to look back and see what knowledge can still be applied and lessons learned as effective action on climate change becomes increasingly more vital.

Below are three videos from each of the two previous national Powershift Canada youth climate activism convergences, 2012 and 2009, as well as a lead-up article to the 2009 gathering and two related pieces.

Videos are also embedded further below.

Note this year Powershift is livestreaming some video, and using the hashtag #YoungAndRising

2012 videos


2009 videos


2009 article

Just Green Jobs – Transitioning to an Environmental Economy
“Organizers of the Power Shift Canada 2009 conference are looking to bring hundreds of young activists from across the country to Ottawa, from October 23-26, to discuss climate change in the run-up to the United Nations Climage Change Conference in Copenhagen this December. But along with climate change, the Ottawa conference will also be looking to empower attendees to participate in the transition to green jobs…”


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2008 article
Environmental Justice – Working Together for Transformative Change
“…the fight for “climate justice” is on the same level as efforts to end slavery, stop genocide, or win the right for women to vote. It’s on the same scale, but perhaps even more profound than any of those. What we’re saying is that climate justice isn’t just a technical thing or an economic thing or a political thing. It’s way bigger than any of that…”

2007 zine
Counterbalance: What sustains us? What stops us? Thoughts on activism and mental health
“… where psychology, ecology, and politics meet… to use the understanding that comes out of this convergence to help inform the creation of healthier activist communities and aid in producing more effective, continuing activism.”

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Videos, embedded


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