A collection of resources available in PDF format, to print and read offline or to use for distribution as handouts. All the links to ‘read it’ will also contain links to the PDFs on those pages (and are great if you want to share a particular resource). For the ‘direct PDF links’ you can ‘right-click’ (from PCs) to ‘save as’ onto your computer and then print, or print directly from your browser. All the content is written by me, Greg Macdougall, except for the ‘Extras’ and ‘Hosted’ sections at the bottom.

Note: if you have writing / a project that you would like layout/ ‘DIY’ publishing services for, please contact me. (I even do customized business cards)



Featured for Algonquin territory

Please consider printing copies to distribute and help those in Ottawa/area understand these issues:

Protecting Chaudiere Falls sacred site

Algonquin names Akikodjiwan / Akikpautik; at threat of ‘Zibi’ condo development
Each 2pg PDF: 2014 article2015 Chief’s Call for Support2016 article
* See more online content here (includes articles & multimedia)


Algonquin land claim for eastern Ontario




Aboriginal Understanding booklet

“My Entry into Aboriginal Understanding” – a collection of articles on Indigenous self-determination and sovereignty, rights, resistance, language and culture. Read more here
[Direct PDF links: front-to-back printing -or- print double-sided & fold]



Activism Course eBook/booklet

This booklet contains much of what was covered in the Fall 2011 Activism Course: Building a Better World. Also features four appendices and a full page of additional resources with links. Read here
[Direct PDF links: ebook -or- front-to-back printing -or- print double-sided and fold]






Expanding the Conversation: MMIMB

Information and context on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Men and Boys; originally published 2015, updated in 2018 with current statistics and more context.
1-page PDF – also article online


How can we make our media more effective in contributing to social change?

“This piece is aimed specifically for people who make media with the intent to help create positive social change. But it is also for …” Read it here.
[Direct PDF link: Four-pg 8.5×11]


Call Us Crazy

“Mad movements organize against ableism, mentalism and more”. This article was featured as the cover story of The Dominion magazine May/June 2013 issue. It is an in-depth look at Mad Pride and challenging ideas around mental health. Read it here.
[Direct PDF links: Four-pg 8.5×11 -or- two-pg 11×17]


Residential Schools

“Addressing a Lasting Legacy”. A report from the Quebec National Event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, featuring survivors’ testimonies and context provided by TRC Chair Murray Sinclair. Also two video interviews. Read it / watch here.
[Direct PDF link: Two-pg 8.5×11]


Supporting Independent Media to Grow

“Innovative funding models along with public policy support are key”. This article looks at ways indie media outlets can sustain themselves and grow. Read it here.
[Direct PDF link: Two-pg 8.5×11]


Saving the Land, Saving History

“Questions of archeological and spiritual significance rally community to protect Beaver Pond Forest” – about the winter 2011 efforts to stop cutting in the South March Highlands (west Ottawa) and additional context. Read it here.
[Direct PDF link: Two-pg 8.5×11]


Nutrition: We heard it’s good for you

Two separate articles from the early 2000s – the first article (2pgs) summarizes a series of workshops on nutrition, what works well to eat as well as how to accomplish it. The second article, in two parts, (3pgs) is based on an interview with the University of Waterloo’s nutritionist, Linda Barton, where she talks about both her approach to ensuring students are well fed as well as how she approaches her private counseling practice.
[Direct PDF links: first article, two-pg 8.5×11second article(s), three-pg 8.5×11]





Idle No More pamphlet

A pamphlet I did the lay-out for – “Resetting and Restoring the Relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canada” by Taiaiake Alfred and Tobold Rollo. Read post here.
[Direct PDF links: Two-page 8.5×11 for double-sided printing – in EnglishFrench – or Spanish]


rabble rouser print editions

For the past two Canadian federal election periods (2008 and 2011), I’ve produced a weekly one-page (doublesided) handout for rabble.ca, entitle the ‘rabble rouser’. And then more recently we put out a special edition for the beginnings of the ‘Occupy’ movement. Find them all here.
[Direct PDF link: Two-page 8.5×11 ‘Occupy’ edition]


Radical mental health

A short ‘zine’ format describing what is meant by alternative/radical approaches to mental health. Taken from the larger Mindful Occupation: Rising Up Without Burning Out book, something I did up for a workshop I was co-facilitating.
[Direct PDF link: Four-pg 8.5×11, for double-sided printing and then fold]


Residential school apology

“An anarchist view” on the apology by Rev, published as an article online and in the 5th print issue of Linchpin.ca while I was interim editor (thus, I did the layout on this).
[Direct PDF link: One-pg 8.5×11]


DIY Back Exercises

“Back in Effect: kin(esiology) prof sets you straight”. Four illustrated back exercises, and context from kinesiology professor Stuart McGill at the University of Waterloo. An article commissioned by me while Sports Editor at the UW Imprint student newspaper (before he had a website or had written books).
[Direct PDF link: Two-pg 8.5×11]





Ojibwe language book

“Anishnaabemowin – Miinwa Anishnaabe zheyaawin: Our Language, Our Culture” – I am hosting the file of an Anishnaabemowin (Ojibwe language) book. It was written by Gordon Shawanda, and was published in print by the Hamilton Regional Indian Center. See the post here.
[Direct PDF link: 64-page 8.5×11]


Counterbalance: Zine on Mental Health & Activism

“What Sustains Us? What Stops Us?” An exploration and conversation starter on how we meld our activist lives, our political selves with our personal lives, our mental health work and the way we are in community – and how we can make it sustainable, healthy and constructive. Read more here
[Direct PDF links: front-to-back printingprint double-sided & fold zine]


The infrastructure of dissent

“Creating and sustaining communities of struggle” by Alan Sears, in the New Socialist. I was writing an article where I wanted to link to this concept that Sears puts forward, and I’d saved this article to my computer at some point but could no longer locate it online, so I posted it to be able to link to it.
[Direct PDF link: Two-pg 8.5×11 PDF]