2019 EquitableEducation.ca summary of published media

Greetings of the solstice,

I’ve put together a summary of some of what I’ve been working on this year*.

If you’re interested to read through it but not right now, please bookmark or otherwise do something as a reminder.

Also please consider sharing this with peoples you know, if you think there’s something here that may interest them — One of the most helpful ways to support this kind of work is to help it reach appropriate (and appreciative) people. I’ve also made this summary available in print, if you want to give it on paper.

(( The Celtic year starts Oct 31 / Nov 1 (Samhain) at the start of winter season; thus, this summary also includes some pieces from the last months of 2018. ))

The summary below is in four parts:
Writings  —  Interviews  —  Recordings  —  Miscellaneous


Part A: Written articles

(Each is “long-form”, 2000+ words, with printable PDF versions)

  • Sacred Waterfalls Site in Ottawa – Annotated Resource Guide
    This is based on two walking tours I gave in May as part of Jane’s Walks Ottawa, of the Chaudiere Falls sacred site (Asinabka or Akikodjiwan in the Algonquin language). There have been efforts to protect the site since developers announced condo & commerce plans in 2013, that usurped a previous Algonquin vision for the site.
    IMHO I’ve put together the most accessible comprehensive guide to this issue I know of; it includes many links, videos, and exclusive audio segments, and a tribute to the late chief Harry St. Denis who was a leader in defending the site and passed away in fall of 2018.
  • The Indigenous Suicide Crisis in Canada is Worse Than We Thought
    In-depth exploration and analysis of a new Statistics Canada report with more detailed and accurate data than previously available.
    This is a followup to my 2018 article and multi-media on the Indigenous Suicide Crisis in Canada, featuring the work of authors Roland Chrisjohn and Shaunessy McKay (Dying To Please You: Indigenous Suicide in Contemporary Canada) and of the Indigenous youth organization We Matter’s national Hope Forum event.
  • Solidarity with the People and Social Movements of Brazil under Bolsonaro rule
    In-depth analysis of the election of, and the threats posed by, new fascist president Jair Bolsonaro. Includes three half-hour audios. This also provides understanding of fascism in general and how it comes to power.


Part B: Interviews

  • Slts’lani (Banchi Hanuse) Nuxalk Radio program manager
    The Nuxalk Nation is located in the area of Bella Coola, BC. They started the radio station in 2014 to help promote their language, nationhood, and stewardship of their homelands – to decolonize. Slts’lani also wrote, directed, and produced a documentary film Cry Rock about preserving the Nuxalkmc language.
  • Marcelo Sabuc of the CCDA, from Guatemala
    Understanding the situation in Guatemala with resistance to mining, hydroelectric dams, and agri-business, that had resulted in the killings of five members of CCDA, aka Highland Peasants (Small Farmers) Committee, and 21 human rights defenders overall in 2018.
    The CCDA’s coffee is sold as Café Justicia in Canada via solidarity activists, with net proceeds to support the CCDA’s work, as well as in one of the fair trade blends from the Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-operative in the Maritimes.


Part C: Recordings

  • Joan Kuyek’s Unearthing Justice book launch (70-min)
    Subtitled “How To Protect Your Community From The Mining Industry”, Kuyek’s book is the first such comprehensive resource for Canada. She was founding director of MiningWatch Canada from 1999-2009; this launch was held alongside the organization’s 20th anniversary. Other speakers: Monique Manatch (Indigenous Culture & Media Innovations), Jamie Kneen (MiningWatch), Eriel Tchekwie Deranger (Indigenous Climate Action).
    Also see: My review of, and video interview with Kuyek for, her previous book Community Organizing: A Holistic Approach
  • December 6th Vigil (Ottawa) for the Montreal Massacre (10-min)
    Volunteers reading the names and short biographies of the 14 women killed in the 1989 Montreal Massacre, as well as of five women killed in the local area in 2018. This was from the 2018 vigil, published this year for the 30th anniversary.
  • Alt-Right Masculinities: A Talk by Dale Spencer of CarletonU (21-min)
    Analysis to understand the rise of the alt-right phenomenon, that includes the ChristChurch New Zealand mosque massacres and the Toronto ‘incel’ van attack, as well as the rise of Trump, 4chan, and more. This analysis is not widely-understood, but vitally important.
  • Algonquin-led canoe procession on the Rideau Canal (4-min)
    A short compiled video of part of the opening of the inaugural National Arts Centre’s Indigenous Theatre program.


Part D: Miscellaneous

  • Intervention at the NCC for the Sacred Site
    Video of my question about Algonquin Nation consultation for the sacred Chaudiere Falls site development, at the National Capital Commission board of directors public meeting – and their response.
  • Groundwire Radio News contributions
    Find the segments I helped produce for this community radio syndicated half-hour bi-weekly radio magazine, at: http://www.groundwirenews.ca
  • UPDATED – Extending the Conversation: MMIMB
    Added videos of two February walks honouring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Men and Boys, to this article (which was one of the most visited on my site, probably because there’s very little out there about MMIMB and also because of the public interest with the MMIWG inquiry)
  • Handout listing Print Items available online
    I created a half-page handout that lists the various PDF files available on my website, that can be printed off and given to someone who might be interested in the offerings.
    The idea behind it was when I was tabling at the Canzine: Festival of Zines and Underground Culture event in Ottawa, having this flyer available to give people as they (often rapidly) walk by allows them to ‘browse’ all the content and maybe come back later – to the table, or afterwards, to the website.
    It is one way to make things more accessible (as is this 2019 summary post) and it has also been of use in other situations.
    PRINT: Single-page PDF version, or double-side two-per-page PDF version

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